Atonor is...
but actually it is... or rather... and especially... and that is the point where the audience becomes aware that they find it hard to describe, but then they begin to remember what they have seen, what they have heard and why they were laughing.
And they remember:

Atonor is...

... creative imagination: a microcosmos full of visuals, tones, objects, scenes, sounds, spheres and rhythm...

© Michael Dorn

Atonor's Classics. Ensemble Atonor has many crazy pieces. Some excerpts of the most popular ones are arranged in this new series. Vol. I contains plastic bottles, ping-pong and sample phones.

Bach Revival. Open Air show on a 6m high sculpture.

Local interview (Radio X Frankfurt). Only in German.

Next event
April 8th (Sat) at 07:00p.m. in Donaueschingen: Performance with electro-acoustic objects by Erwin Stache.